Boat Schwag

This Saturday we went down to see the boat again. The previous owners met up with us at the boatyard to hand off a few things. They were an older couple with kindly faces and a slight European accent.

“Are you keeping the name?” she asked.

“Yeah, we plan on it,” I answered.

“Oh good, then we have some stuff for you.”

We hit the motherlode of boat schwag. Wildest Dream stayed at a relatively upscale full service marina. Every year, during the holidays, the boatyard gives a branded item to the members.

What we found: three tote bags, two duffel bags made of sail material, a pocket knife, a keychain, glasses, plastic cups, two Columbia Sportswear jackets, two soft shell jackets, and two fleece vests all with our boat’s name on it (as well as the boatyard).

The previous owners also explained where the name came from, a Moody Blues song.

We also got original brochures, another review of the Contest 32, some sheets for the berths, Weems & Plath quartz brass clock, and a brass mini yacht lamp.

They also dropped off the inflatable dinghy with oars, motor mount, foot pump, and patch kit. We inflated it when we got home (without the floorboards) and there were no leaks.

When we cleaned out the boat, we found a full line of Melania Monte Carlo tableware, the Yacht Line collection with non-skid rubber rings built into the bottoms.

I’m still figuring out what to do with all this stuff…



6 Replies to “Boat Schwag

    1. Yes, we thought the name was appropriate. That and we didn’t want to go through a denaming ceremony…Thanks on the header image, I might post on the artwork sometime.

    1. Heheh..It was the boatyard that gave them twelves years worth of monogramed/engraved holiday gifts. The previous owners were more subdued in furnishing the boat. Glad you like the design!

  1. Wowsers! The schwag is out of control! I can’t wait to see it in person. Has Sebastian told you which slip you’re in yet? We’re E32.

    1. Haven’t asked which dock we are at yet. We’re focused on getting the boat up to Buzzard’s Bay first. Hope he puts us close to you!

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