One fine day

The sun warms my face as I walked along the dock.

As I approach Wildest Dream, I spy V and Tig perched on the foredeck. We are the proud new owners of a Contest 32.

The cockpit is already full of stuff we brought over.

V learns to hang on tight while Tig hovers. Life vests have been ordered from the Defender sale.

We establish a book nook–inspired by Zach Aboard–in the aft cabin for V. Ours is much smaller.

Some new books are added to sweeten the deal. These are from the Eric Carle mini-library storybook set, perfect for a tiny liveaboard sailboat.

As a testament to the inefficiencies of parenthood, we take turns watching the kids while the other works. Three years ago, we’d get three times as much work done. At the end of four hours, we cleared out some items from the boat, rescued a brand new flotation device from the discard pile–the owner didn’t like the lettering on it– and I had scrubbed out the V berth.

We leave the boat in a little bit better shape–we hope.  We can’t wait to come back.


7 Replies to “One fine day

  1. Excellent news. Congratulations!! I don’t know if Vick or I told you our equation but we figure that multiplier for estimating work to be 9x. 3x for the kids and 3x for the boat factor. Since the two work against each other we multiply rather than add them 🙂

    Don’t believe the cynics who say “The best days of a boat owner’s life…” I believe the actual buying and selling to be the low points (though perhaps britework is lower). The best days for us have been moving aboard and every time we take our home out for a sail, overnight, or vacation. So excited to follow the next chapters of Liveaboard Dreams!

    1. Nine times? Agggghhhh! Someone’s going to have to talk me down from the ledge.
      I do feel a lot poorer and overwhelmed by all that needs to happen before moving aboard.
      Still, we’re very excited!

      1. The good news is that you learn how to work around it. We have dropped non-essential tasks and balanced our days in a way that maximises effort. Also, your kids might not have a 3:1 ratio like ours 🙂
        Keep smiling, it will all work out!

    1. Thanks Ray! We have to bring the boat up first, but we’re thinking after Memorial Day weekend. That’s 1.5 months away. But according to Tucker’s calculation 1.5 months X 9 = 13.5 months. So maybe next year heheh. We’d better get working…

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