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  1. I would /strongly/ recommend that you take a test sail. We totally fell in love with a Union Polaris last year. We did a capital C comprehensive personal inspection (spent a full day on the boat) and everything looked good. On the sea trial every sail (main, stay, head) failed in some way that would never have shown up in survey or personal inspection. If we had bought the boat without knowing about those deficiencies it would have ruined our dream. I estimate the rigging problems would have added at least 10k to the budget.

    In addition to the catastrophic failures we discovered that the old, punched out sails just wouldn’t power the boat. We may have been inclined to assume the best on the sails if we hadn’t actually used them. Those would add at least another $17k to the expense list. In all our sea trial on that boat saved us from roughly $27k of unexpected expenses.

    1. Got it. We’re scheduling a test sail this week. Thanks for watching our back, Tucker!

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