Breakfast of champions

This week I feel like writing about food. We have had some yummy breakfasts the past few weeks and I wanted to share. V is enjoying cooking more and more these days. She insists on scrambling our eggs in the morning. And she does such a great job. Tig adds just enough milk and cooks it ever so gently. The result is deliciously creamy eggs, soft and fluffy.

It’s important for us to start her day off with a little protein. Most of the time its eggs. Sometimes it’s yogurt or oatmeal with ground nuts.

Apple crespelles made by Tig one weekend morning. Filled with apples, honey and dusted with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

The kids version without sugar.

On weekends we might add a bit of apple smoked sausage to the menu or a glass of green smoothie. We save the carb-heavy breakfasts such as pancakes for special occasions. But always, the focus is on whole foods.