My husband is looking for his new mistress

Tig is on Yachtworld everyday looking at boats. After locating a few candidates, he checks Practical Boat Buying for its super helpful reviews. Captain Tim of Windhorse also sent us Carl’s Sail Calculator v3.53, which gives all sorts of ratios and calculations on the boat in question. It’s a very time-consuming process.

He checks for boats on his phone.

He checks during naptime with a sleeping baby in his arms.

He checks after the kids (and mama) goes to bed.

Yes, I’m getting a distinct feeling that this is what wives complain about, the boat being the mistress and all. And she’s not even here yet.


2 Replies to “My husband is looking for his new mistress

  1. “Have you found a new girlfriend yet?” was my daily question during our year or so nightly visits to yachtworld. We were both guilty of course!

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