Activity bags

We have an upcoming beach vacation, and I’ve been making some Montessori-inspired activity bags for the plane ride.

From the top left side, there’s a felt story board. I cut the shapes freehand from my felt stash.

A color matching activity using the sensory cubes we already had, construction paper, and index cards. I glued the squares onto index cards and then covered the square with packing tape.

Fruit matching cards, which I downloaded here and printed. Then I took them to the local copy center to get them laminated.

Large picture puzzles of V and her friends. I printed the pictures onto regular paper, had them glued to cardboard and made big slices.

Some of these activities may be a bit advanced for her, but she can learn them over time, if she chooses. I also like that they don’t take up much space, and can be packed away for rotation easily.

For more information, check out It is geared towards preschoolers.