Happy New Year! A week ago, as I was packing away Christmas decorations, I felt at peace with the idea that this New Year (and, if I’m lucky, new decade) will be a year of less for me. Less consuming, less browsing, less social media, less clutter, and…possibly less blogging.

But I’m also looking forward to 2020 as the year of more. More space, more free time, more adventures, and more connection.

One of the best things about having our own website is all the friends we’ve made in real life because of it. People that we call dear friends now, people who we can go without seeing for years and then pick up just where we left off again. That has been the greatest gift. And I hope that we get to cross paths with you in 2020!

Over the past few years I have also shared less and less details of our family stories. Partly, it’s because I’m feeling more protective about our kids’ privacy as they get older, and because I think it’s important to let them decide when and how to share their stories. As a result, we have found other ways to memorialize our adventures.

So that is all to say that going forward, somewhere between once a year and once a quarter, we’ll send a little life update. We might also to share what’s on our mind and any interesting things we come across (books, movies or podcasts).

So what’s in store for 2020?

:: We have a nine-week trip to Europe planned in the spring…fingers crossed everything pans out! 

:: Our remuddling projects continue. Though most of the first floor is done, we still have a cupboard under the stairs to finish, the mudroom needs a sink, and the workshop has to be cleaned up before we can store all our outdoor gear in the mudroom (it’s complicated). There is some talk about a roof replacement this year. Stay tuned.

:: I (Serena) am calling this year the Year of Less, inspired by Cait Flander’s eponymous book. Specifically this means decluttering and removing items that no longer serve us, finding homes for stuff that seems to float endlessly around in our house, and closing out small home projects that have been dragging on forever. I’ve also instituted a revolving quarterly shopping/browsing ban on myself to stop the mindless influx of stuff into our home. 

:: We are continuing our efforts to reduce single-use plastic in our lives. As former liveaboards and ex-cruisers, the issue of plastic in the ocean is near and dear to our hearts. That’s where most of our year-end charitable donations were focused. At home, we’ll continue to move away from buying, storing and disposing of plastic. 

We’ll send an update on all of these fronts later in the year. In the meantime, here are some links and interesting stuff we’ve been into:

:: Tig and I recently watched The Big Short, a film based on Michael Lewis’ book by the same name (Tig has actually read the book). The film follows a handful of renegades who bet against market-based mortgage-backed securities right before the global financial crisis of 2008-2008.

:: The Ocean Cleanup’s System 001/B completed its first mission to capture plastic debris from the Great Pacific garbage patch. Our family is excited to see if this project will continue and gain momentum.

:: Cait Flander’s interview on the Choose FI podcast about her shopping ban and minimizing journey. They cover a lot of deep topics that I’m still mulling over, such as how we fill up time and space looking to acquire things, how we numb our emotions and hard feelings, and how disorder and discontent can manifest itself in other aspects of our lives.

:: Messy Minimalist’s moving story about the death of her mother (a shopaholic) and how that pivotal moment changed her relationship with stuff. Her decluttering videos on YouTube provide me with endless motivation to keep thinning out our stuff.

That’s it for now! You can also find us sporadically on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you, too!

Thank you, friends, for reading, for reaching out to us, for being in our lives. See you soon!


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  1. I reserved that book, The Big Short by Michael Lewis after reading your article from local public Library.

    Uncle Charles

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