PBH: Legos and space rovers

V has been interested in space exploration, specifically the Mars Rovers. One of her favorite bedtime reading books is Mighty Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity. Her passion for space exploration has led to building with her father’s childhood Lego sets. Here are some of the projects she’s made on her own:

This is Feather. It the lightest rover. It can fly more easily. It does not need anything to land. The tubes give food to the astronauts. The astronauts are on the Rover to test it on the Moon and they are there to fix any problems.

This machine flies into the Solar System and goes to the different planets.

That’s Feather again. I changed it. I moved the computer.

This one is Opportunity. It is picking up a Moon rock. It has wheels in the front and back. It has a radio to talk back and send signals. The black things at the top have fuel and they also look at rocks too. The top red thing can spin.

This is the Stargazer. The two lights (red and yellow) are like eyes. The black thing is the star gazer. It mostly learns about stars.

This is an airplane that goes to any planet and the person in black is the captain. There are all different people. Some people have things to watch and others look at views of Earth. It’s got a tail to help it fly. It’s got wings like real airplanes and computers for the pilot to look at and navigate.

Other things our family has been doing along the lines of space exploration:

  • Youtube videos on planets, space probes (Huygens), rovers (Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity), and how astronauts eat and live in space.
  • Learning the Planets song and the  Solar System song
  • We’re making a small model of our Solar System
  • Had an “astronaut lunch,” simulated space food with friends
  • We’re planning a trip to the Museum of Science (to see a replica of the Apollo capsule)  and Planetarium (to see Moons: Worlds of Mystery)

Our space explorations has started to branch out to other areas of interest, such as paper airplanes for O, and building with other materials such as Lincoln Logs.



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